Gloria Burgan began her Thursday morning discussing a crucial topic for any high school student: gossip.

“If something is said to you, let it stay with you,” she said to a classroom packed with students. “I promise you, the story will change once you start spreading it to your friends. We all put our own spin on a story, which is the whole idea of passing something around.”

While gossip and rumors can be problematic for any high school student, Burgan was addressing a specific group: Hispanic students at Gainesville High School.

Together with GHS senior Lizette Contreras, Burgan created the GHS Spanish Club at the end of the last school year.

Burgan, bilingual relations coordinator for GHS and Spanish Club sponsor, had met with GHS Hispanic students last year to emphasis the importance for them to become involved within the school.

Following that meeting, Contreras shared her idea for a Spanish Club with Burgan. Now the president of Spanish Club, Contreras said her main focus is to get her peers excited about school.

“A lot of Hispanic students don’t get involved or think their grades are important,” said Contreras, “but my grades are important to me and I wanted to change that thinking.”

While Contreras said creating the club was a struggle at first, thanks to the support of GHS and Spanish Club sponsors Burgan and Jose Gonzalez or “Mr. G,” it has now became a reality.

Each Thursday at 8 a.m. the club meets in room 304 to discuss issues such as gossip and grades. The group will also have ‘hang out night’ at IHop at the end of each month on the last Friday to spend time together outside of school and various other activities such as soccer game tailgating.

However before GHS Hispanic students can become a member of Spanish Club, they must first turn in their Spanish Club application.

“We want to be different than everybody else,” said Mr. G. “We want to be respectful and obedient and walk the walk and talk the talk. That’s why this application is important because it’s a contract you’re signing and a promise you’re keeping to the Spanish Club.”

The four building blocks for Spanish Club include: honor, respect, pride and leadership.

Club rules include: no more than three school absences and six tardies, no disciplinary problems and students must pass all of their classes.

Spanish Club members must also attend all meeting and must notify an officer if they cannot attend. Only three excused absences are allowed, unless they are school related.

Members must also respect everyone, including themselves. As stated in the club’s official requirements, “Arguments and disagreements should be taken care of in a mature manner. We are a family and we will take care of each other.”

Students in the club must also wear appropriate clothing, maintain a good reputation in school, at home and within the community, must be a positive role model and must show school spirit and support for student body activities.

Not only do Spanish Club members have to sign a contract agreeing to withhold all requirements, but they also must fill out an application including their class schedule and teacher comments from each class.

Friday is the deadline for students to turn in their Spanish Club applications and contracts. At the next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 18, members will vote for Spanish Club officers including secretary, treasurer and reporter. The club already has a president, Contreras, and vice president, junior Crystal Molina.

For more information on the club and future events, contact Burgan at (940) 612-5461 or by e-mailing:

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