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David Glancy has been named the new principal at Gainesville High School. He was just one of many to receive a new job assignment for the 2011-12 school year.

The Gainesville Independent School District not only has a new superintendent, but the administrative staff is undergoing a shake-up.

“The idea was to hire the best people for the best position,” GISD superintendent Dr. Jeff Brasher said. “We had some positions that came open. I formed an administrative team. We brought each candidate in and interviewed them. We had six people at the end and discussed and placed the person we thought was the most qualified.”

Every school but Edison Elementary had a change in leadership.

Middle School principal David Glancy was named principal of Gainesville High School.

“I was assistant principal at the high school for two years,” Glancy said. “Last year, I was principal at the middle school.”

Brasher praised Glancy’s success at the middle school.

“In leadership positions there are a lot of similarities, but with each grade-level and each campus there are differences in responsibility that you are involved with,” Brasher said. “Mr. Glancy has been at the high school before. He was with the middle school and did a fantastic job at the middle school. The middle school performed well academically. That is not to say that we don’t have teachers there that don’t do fantastic jobs because we do. The middle school did well; I thought that he was the person for the job.”

Since Glancy will be moving to the high school, assistant principal Terry Ashby has been named principal of Gainesville Middle School.

“I am leaving the middle school in good hands,” Glancy said. “Ashby has done a great job and is ready to take over.”

Sid Brannan, the former interim principal of Robert E. Lee Intermediate School, will be moving across town to join Ashby as assistant principal of GMS.

Robert E. Lee Intermediate School is also receiving a new principal and assistant principal.

Courtney Stevens has been named the new principal at Lee. Stevens has been the assistant principal for two years at Krum Middle School.

Amber Fuhrman, who was W. E. Chalmers Elementary assistant principal, will be joining Stevens at Lee as assistant principal.

With Pattie Mercer’s retirement and Fuhrman’s move to Robert E. Lee, Chalmers is not left without leaders. Vance Wells will be taking over as assistant principal.

“Vance Wells was our director of maintenance and operations,” Brasher said. “He has been in the principalship for quite a few years prior. He wanted to be back with the children. He interviewed and did well; we felt (W.E. Chalmers) would be a great fix for him with those kids at that campus.”

The principal that Wells will be working with next year has not been named. According to Brasher, the announcement will be made soon.

“That individual wanted me to wait and give them time to tell their family,” Brasher said.

Former GHS principal Jim Watson, will be moving over to central administration as the director of maintenance and operations.

Jennifer Coleman was the last to be named in the professional staff shake-up. Coleman will be taking on the responsibility of being the director of technology.

According to Brasher, Coleman was working as the instructional technologist. Director of technology Mike Wigington recently retired.

“We are not replacing him but we are adding those responsibilities to her’s.”

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