Gainesville Independant School District Dress Code 2009-2010

The purpose of the recommended dress code policy is to foster pride within the GISD student body, staff and community that will result in the provisions of an educational environment that encourges students to be about “the business of school”, to build student self-esteem, bridge socioeconomic differences between students and encourage positive behavior. thereby promoting school safety and improving academic learning environment.

All students are required to comply with this policy each day except for those designated as “Discretionary Days” or “School Spirt Days” by building principals.

Campus administrators will have complete and final judgement on all matters concerning the interpretation of the standardized dress policy. Matters concerning appearance and dress not specifically addressed in the policy shall be within the discretion of the administration.

Students who attend school in violation of the standardized dress policy will be dealt with in accordance with the Gainesville ISD Student Code of Conduct.




• Polo-style shirts with collars long or short sleeve.

• Shirts with collars long or short sleeve.

• Logos on shirts must not exceed 2”.

• Gainesville School spirit shirts on approved spirit days or special occasions designated by campus administration.

• Shirts must be tucked and appropriately sized. Shirts must be tucked in so that belts show and no skin is exposed.

• Shirts must be free of any writing or advertisements.

• All shirts must be fastened on lower than 4 inches from the top of the collar.

• Sleeveless or capped sleeve shirts/blouses are not allowed.

**Pants and shirt must be alternating in color.

Slacks, Pants, Capri Pants, Shorts, Skorts/Skirts


• Solid Docker-style pants/shorts/Capri style with belt loops and appropriately hemmed.

• Shorts must be walking style. Hem must fall between the top and bottom of the knee.

• Full cut/baggy, carpenter, cargo, overall, painter, hip-hugger, or low-rise pants are not allowed.

• Baggy-style legged slacks or bell-bottom pants wider than shoes are not allowed.

• Jeans, colored denim, corduroy, or khaki jeans are not allowed.

• Pants must be worn at waist and appropriately sized.

• Logos or labels on pants must be not longer than 1”x1”.

• Soccer or boxer style shorts are not allowed, except as directed by instructor during PE/Athletics, Cheer, Band or Drill team classes.

• Brads, studs or other adornments are not allowed on pants, shirts or belts.


Khaki, Navy/Blue, Black or White

** Pants and shirt must be alternating in color.



• Solid color

• Must be tucked and appropriatley sized.



• Must be worn over dress-approved shirt/blouse.

• Must be appropriately sized in the sholders, sleeves and length and must be worn over collared polo or shirt/blouse.

• May not have hood.

• Logos on shirts must not exceed 2”.

• Must be free from writing or advertisements.

• Sleeveless or capped sleeve sweatshirts are not allowed.


Solid single color

*Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Vests and Pants must be alternating in color.




• Solid color belts without decoration (metal brads, eyelets, sequins, etc.) must be worn at all times. Wearing belts in encouraged, but not required for Pre-K, K and 1st grade.

• Stripes, checks, or other designs on belts are not allowed.

• Belts must be appropriate size.

• Belts may not have metal studs, brads or other adornments.

• Belts may not be wider than belt loops and must be worn inside loops at the waist.

• Must have open style buckle that must be no larger than two inches and must be free of adornments.



• All shoes worn must match each other.

• Flip flops and house shoes not allowed.

• Laces must match shoes or be white/black in color and must be tied.



• Must be worn with slacks, pants or shorts.

• Must be solid in color and matching.



• Coats may be allowed in accordance with appropriate weather conditions.

• Coats may be worn outside and in hallways during passing pariods, but must be removed inside classrooms and hung on back of chair or in area designed by the teacher.

• Must be appropriately sized in the sholders, sleeves and length.

• Worn over approved dress attire.



• Necklaces allowed but tucked under clothing at all times.

• Medallions limited to less than 2” in diameter.

• Rosaries not allowed to be worn as jewelry.

• Piercings allowed for girls only and limited to the ear lobe.

• Caps, hats or any head coverings inside the building are not allowed.

• Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.

• Mouth grills not permitted.



• Must be kept neat, clean and reasonably styled and not distracting from the learning anvironment.

• Hair length must be above the collar for boys.

• Unnatural hair color not permitted.

• Shaving of designs in hair or eyebrows not permitted.

• Hair styles must not obstruct a clesr view of the face.

• Facial hair not permitted

• No Mohawk style


• All tattoos mst be covered.

Other Guidelines

• Clothing must be appropriately sized.

• Wind shorts/pants, athletic shorts/pants, sweat shorts/pants are not allowed except as directed by instructor during PE/athletics, cheer, band or drill team classes.

• Clothing items cannot be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband, or creates a distraction.

• All clothing must be appropriately hemmed, clean and free from holes or tears.

• Spandex, nylon and strtch-type materials are not allowed.

Campus administration makes final determination reguarding dress and grooming violations.

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