Lindsay ISD officials said heavy hail of late April drew a toll on school property in the range of $400,000.

Superintendent Dennis Holt cited damage to nearly all the roofing on campus, including the high school, elementary and athletic buildings. But he added the results weren’t anything hazardous.

Repairs are pending while district insurer Texas Schools Cooperative examines a recent assessment from adjusters.

“There’s nothing that happened that has put any of my kids in an unsafe situation, or caused problems because it’s waiting,” Holt said Friday.

The damaging storm came Sunday, April 24, the superintendent said. The baseball-sized hail had no effect on his office, an independent structure, since its roof carries a gauge of metal thicker than the rest. But the icefall peppered the roofing long enough to damage stucco on the high school building and seriously dent the metal on several others.

“It’s not so much that there’s holes,” Holt said. “But water and dirt collects in there and they start to rust.”

Though that day’s barrage reportedly damaged vehicles all over Lindsay, Holt said school buses were spared harm because they had been parked under trees on campus. The only wreckage to Lindsay ISD was to the top of its buildings and adjusters initially set a cost of more than $500,000 before arriving at nearly $420,000.

“They found more damage than what I thought it would be but that’s why we have insurance, and why we have adjusters,” Holt said.

A timeline of overhaul is dependent on final figures from Texas Schools Cooperative. Holt said he hasn’t yet explored the repair bidding process and won’t until the insurance company confirms a price, minus the district’s deductible payment of $10,000.

“This is something I’m hoping we can get taken care of during the summer,” he said. “I don’t want the disruption — if I can avoid it — in the beginning of school.”

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