LINDSAY — The top administrator of the Lindsay ISD announced plans to leave the district.

Dr. Jason Ceyanes, the superintendent of Lindsay public schools, said the Argyle ISD is scheduled to offer him an employment contract May 9 following a legally required 21-day waiting period. The Argyle ISD named Ceyanes as the lone finalist for its superintendent position Wednesday.

If the Argyle ISD Board of Trustees accepts Ceyanes’ contract, his start date would be June 1.

“Today, I am torn with a plethora of emotions ranging from overwhelming excitement to deep sorrow, Ceyanes said. “... I am elated that I have the opportunity to go and serve a wonderful community such as Argyle ISD. However, I am heart broken by having to leave a strong and stable school district such as Lindsay ISD.”

Ceyanes said he would miss students and staff, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

“The Lindsay ISD community is filled with spectacular students, staff, and parents. My wife and I made the decision to leave Lindsay ISD after many long hours of discussion and prayer,” he said. “At this moment in time, we truly believe that God is sending us to Argyle ISD to serve the students and community.

“When departing with a community, which is also your place of employment, you always desire to leave the district better than it was when you arrived. Improving such a fine school district is a difficult task, but I truly believe in my heart that we have made some positive changes that will have a lasting impact on the students and the community. My wife and I sincerely thank the fine individuals of Lindsay who have blessed us and made us stronger.”

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