For area citizens who have ever had any close calls at the intersection of Main Street and Denton Street, an ordinance passed by City Council members Tuesday night to make the intersection a four-way stop should help prevent possible accidents.

A study conducted by the Gainesville Police Department determined that the sight distance for vehicles was too limited, explained City Manager Barry Sullivan.

“Looking at sight distance, which is very limited at this location, the church and Butterfield are located in an older part of town and hence they weren’t built to our modern day specs for sight visibility with our modern automobiles,” said Sullivan. “Furthermore, the number of cars in that intersection also qualifies it to be a four-way stop.”

Stop signs will be erected at the intersection in order to help control traffic. Sullivan added that both the Gainesville Police Chief and staff feel the four-way stop would benefit the overall safety of Gainesville citizens.

“We do believe this is for the safety of the community and it would probably be better to suspend the charter in order to enable us to get a four-way stop sign out there sooner,” he said.

As a result, council members suspended the charter on a first reading and the ordinance was approved unanimously.

Council members also approved the designation of two hour parking and restricted parking zones in the 100 and 200 blocks of East and West Main Street by the Cooke County Courthouse annex building.

According to the ordinance, Gainesville PD “has determined that it is in the interest of the safety and the welfare of its citizens and the law enforcement personnel transporting inmates to and from the courthouse annex that the parking space on the north side of the 100 block of East Main Street be designated as inmate transport parking.”

The ordinance also designates two hour parking at the 100 and 200 blocks (the north and south sides) of West Main and the 200 block of East Main (north and south sides).

Council members suspended the charter on a first reading and approved the ordinance unanimously.

Sullivan was authorized once again to make offers to purchase real estate properties for the Pecan Creek Local Flood Damage Reduction Project.

The same project the city has been working on for many months, Sullivan will try to purchase nine parcels located at the south end of the city and another, larger chunk of land (approximately 2.2 acres) near Hwy 82 and Home Depot.

The next City Council meeting will take place Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 200 South Rusk.

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