The city of Muenster is expected to receive $40,185 in sales tax allocations this month from Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s office.

Muenster’s payment is up more than 8% compared to the June 2018 allocation of $37,068, statistics released by the comptroller’s office Wednesday, June 12, show.

Hegar announced this week that he will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $782.1 million in local sales tax allocations for June, 10.1% more than in June 2018.

This month’s sales tax disbursements are based on sales made in April by businesses that report tax monthly, a news release from Hegar’s office states.

June sales tax disbursement

Chart by the Gainesville Daily Register using figures provided by the state comptroller's office

On Thursday, June 13, Muenster City Administrator Stan Endres said he hadn’t received the numbers for June yet. However, he did say sales tax allocations have been up every month compared to last year.

Data shows Muenster has seen an 8.51% increase over last year’s disbursements. So far this year, Muenster has received $243,434 from sales tax revenues. By this time last year, the western Cooke County community had received $224,341, according to the comptroller’s office.

Germanfest takes place every April and Endres said he understands the numbers for the weekend festival were down a little from last year. No matter the number of attendees, the event always gives local businesses a boost in sales, according to Endres.

“It just seems like there is a lot of traffic in and around town lately,” he said.

Endres said he wasn’t sure what exactly is causing the uptick in traffic, but mentioned several new homes are being built and two large machining companies in town, Universal Machining and Superior Machining, are hiring new employees.

“I guess you put it all together and it adds up to more people in town,” Endres said.