Unexpected increase: Muenster sales tax allocations up more than 50%

A portion of Muenster’s higher than usual sales tax allocation from the state this month will have to be refunded.

Kevin Lyons, a spokesman for Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s Office, said Thursday, June 18, that a taxpayer who did not accurately report their business address caused $7,589 to be improperly allocated to Muenster.

The business whose money was not distributed correctly is listed as being from the durable goods wholesale industry, Lyons said.

Muenster was allocated $61,523 this month from sales made in April by businesses that report tax monthly. The reimbursement amount is up by over $20,000 or 53.09% more than the city received in June 2019 for April 2019 sales, according to information from the comptroller’s office.

Lyons said two audits totaling $5,957 also contributed to the German community’s uptick in this month’s sales tax reimbursement. He said he couldn’t say what industry those businesses were in.

City Administrator Stan Endres told the Register earlier this week that he hoped the larger allocation wasn’t a mistake.

Endres said Thursday morning that the refund to the state will come out of next month’s allocations. He also said the audit money was a “one-time” deal and thinks the western Cooke County community’s sales tax reimbursements should probably be “back to normal numbers” next month.

All sales tax allocations go into the city’s general fund, he said.

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