As a way of saying thank you in a big way to its large contingent of part-time instructors, the governing board of North Central Texas College has declared the last week of April as Adjunct Faculty Appreciation Week.

“The motto we’ve chosen for this week-long observance — ‘Adjunct faculty make it happen!’ is certainly true.”

Activities are scheduled at NCTC’s Gainesville, Bowie and Corinth campuses to honor and recognize the college’s adjunct faculty. Adjuncts who have been with the college for more than five years will receive special certificates of appreciation in formal receptions set for April 27 (Thursday) from 4 to 6 p.m. on each of the respective campuses. Students, full-time faculty and all others who wish to attend are invited to do so.

“I am very excited about this first Adjunct Appreciation Week observance,” said Dr. Lee Ann Nutt, Provost of the Corinth Campus, where most of the adjunct instructors teach. “I say ‘first’ because it is definitely something we intend to continue on an annual basis.

“It’s because of these dedicated individuals that we are able to provide educational opportunities to many more students than would otherwise be possible.”

Dr. Nutt said NCTC relies on more than 200 adjunct instructors each semester to provide “invaluable high quality academic and workforce education.”

Adjunct faculty, she said, teach more than 400 courses each semester, delivering instruction to more than 5,000 students.

They make it possible to offer a strong dual credit program for school districts throughout the service area, Dr. Nutt pointed out, explaining that this program allows students to get a head start on college by enrolling in college-level courses and earning college credits while still in high school.

“It’s also important to note that all our part-time instructors must meet the same professional credentialing requirements as our full-time faculty in their respective teaching areas,” Dr. Hadlock said, noting that 72 percent of the adjunct instructors at NCTC have master’s degrees, while 6 percent have doctoral degrees. Together, they have a combined total of more than 600 years of service at the college.

“Many of our current full-time faculty, as well as many administrators at the college were once adjunct instructors themselves,” Dr. Hadlock added. Richard Huckaby, recipient of this year’s Dr. Gordon Yeargan Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award, sums it up for many.

“For me, teaching is a joy, not a job. I feel privileged to be a member of the NCTC team,” he said.


List of North Central Texas College Spring 2006 adjunct faculty

Elaine Abarelli, Mark Ackerson, Robin Aiken, Kimberly Allen, Belinda Anderson, Katyana Armani, Stacy Arnold, Amy Bacio, Krisler Bailey, Suzette Baker, Harold Beck, Vicki Beckham, Mary Bell, Wayne Biddy, Joshua Bilbrey, Melanie Billmeier, Danny Bills, Melissa Blankenship, Dana Braack, Stephanie Brackeen, Sara Bratton, Shawn Brewer, Julie Brinker, Myrna Brock, Cynthia Brown, Kelley Byrd, Jack Campbell, Kathryn Carlisle, Velton Carter, Mary Chancellor, Dennis Chegwiggen, Shawn Clark, Stewart Coffman, Louellen Coker, Ginger Comeaux, Mary Covington, Monica Cubberly, Coleen Davis, Steven Davis, Reina Davison, Diana Degler, Sandra DeMent, Jo Dennis, Matthew Diggs, Cristina Dita, Hollie Domingue, Gale Duran, Patricia Easley, Libby Eddleman-Spears, Kenneth Elliott, Harry Ellis, Herb Ellis, Diana Elrod, Shellee Enfinger, Barbara Ettredge, Yvonne Fischer, Robin Fitts, Linda Flake, Deborah Fleitman, Robin Fletcher, Ken Fogus, Peggy Folsom, Sharon Forney, Traci Garnder-Pettewas, Shirley Garrett, Jerri Gerlach, Patti Gibbs, Carol Gonzalez, Marsha Gossett, Jean Graham, Jennifer Graham, Linda Gray, Rochelle Gregory, Janie Grimes, Karen Grogan, Mary Gulden, Aleasha Hamilton, Dan Hampton, Melinda Hampton, Amy Harp, Onaje Harper, Kent Harvick, Johnston Henderson, Bill Henson, Karen Henson, David Hoelscher, Hsiao-Shan Huang, Richard Huckaby, Teresa Huddleston, Joe Ialenti, Karen Jackson, Joseph Janda, Linda Janoe, Emanda Johnson, Aaron Jones, Kristal Jones, Donna Keen-Maxwell, Judity Kemler, Kenyon Kemp, Kristen Klement, Marvin Knight, Wilton Knight, Kathleen LaCombe, Doug Lillard, Alfred Litton, Alyson Livingston, Darl Locke, Susan Long, Deirdre Longenecker, Tonya Lopez-Craig, Frank Lott, Sharon Lowry Donald, Carol Luton, Steven Mace, William MacMillan, Deeprenda Mahato, James Makokha, Carol Marmaduke, Jackie McBroome, John McCurdy, Anita McDonald, Teresa McElreath, Cheryl McGrath, Elizabeth McSween, Karen Milton, Donald Mitchener, Stephanie Moore, George Moseley, Pamela Moseley, Wendall Moseley, William Norris, Hettie Nye, Moses Omane-Boateng, Sharyn Opbroek, Charles Owens, Becky Parton, Rebecca Perry, Janell Peters, Angela Pettitt, Karen Phipps, Mark Pierel, Michael Preston, Jody Privett, Kevin Pyle, Michael Ragsdale, Patsy Ramsey, Ahmed Rashed, William Rauschuber, Meredith Rentz-Cook, Steven Rizzo, Sharon Romero, Carla Ruge, Lori Sartor, Jessica Sharp, Donna Shelton, Ira Sherill, Lisa Smart, Gordon Smith, Starita Smith, Donna Souder, Pamela Sparks, Michael Spinuzzi, Sharon Sproles, Gary Stalcup, Bill Stanley, Derek Stobaugh, William Stobaugh, Donald Stogner, Dax Stokes, Stacie Stoutmeyer, Margaret Sullivan, Shannon Sullivan, Marsha Terry, Shirlene Theobald, Chad Thiessen, Mary Varner, Rangaswami Vasan, Diana Vaughn, Donald Vaughn, Greg Veal, Palmer Venable, Leroy Voth, Priscilla Waggoner, Monte Wainscott, Regina Walter, Sandra Walters, Clara Ward, Brenda Ware, Martha Welch, Clarenda West, Kimberly Westmoreland, Bert Witherspoon, Jasper Wyman, James Yarbrough, Everett Yeatts and Katrinka Zanchetta.

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