At Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Regents of the North Central Texas College (NCTC), the board voted 6-0, with Regent Lynn Williams absent, to adopt an ad valorem tax rate for 2007-08.

College President Eddie Hadlock said, “The Board of Regents of North Central College District sets the maintenance and operations tax rate at $0.07720 per $100 valuation for fiscal year 2007-08.”

The budget should provide $31,271,707 for the college operation. The funds would be provided by miscellaneous sources, including $11,786,233 (37.68 percent) from the state, $4,193,697 (13.41 percent) from federal funds, $10,523,498 (33.66 percent) from tuition and fees, $1,769,917 (5.64 percent) from local taxes, $497,000 (1.58 percent) from other sources, $3,263,437 (10.44 percent) from auxiliary sources such as bookshop sales, snack bar and machine sales, etc. transfers would include $400,000 to the reserve fund and $362,075 to cover adjunct health benefits.

The expected expenditures of the $31,271,707 include $12,112,028 for instruction, $5,716,613 for student services, $2,116,297 for administration, $705, 402 for general institutional expenses, $2,391,576 for plant maintenance and operation, $2,705,664 for staff benefits, $3,559,982 for auxiliary services, $1,030,128 for debt service and $934,017 for depreciation.

Compared with the previous fiscal year, Instruction costs rose by $911,610, student services costs went down $62,075, administration costs went up $205,145, general institutional expenses sunk $25,642, plant maintenance and operations rose $146,978, staff benefits went up $44,591, auxiliary costs went up $258,924, debt service went down $5,175 and depreciation increased $223,871.

The Board of Regents voted 6-0-1 to approve a tax abatement agreement with Allied Production Solutions, L.P.

Hadlock said, “That’s the green metal building going up on I-35.” He said the company is constructing a plant to produce steel and fiberglass tanks for gas as part of the oil and gas industry. He said, “NCTC is expanding its instructional offerings into the new industry. Therefore, the administration recommends the board discuss a change in policy concerning approval of a tax abatement agreement.”

Regent Milton Dickson opined, “It’s a good idea and we should do it.”

The board, with a 6-0 vote, accepted the bid for hay and feed bids from Oak Leaf Farms for Bermuda grass hay and from Barnes Brothers for grain. Dr. Stephen Broyles said no bid had been received for alfalfa hay and that would be bought as needed. The contract would run from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, 2008.

The Regents also voted 6-0 to appoint Hadlock as an authorized representative to negotiate an electric contract.

The Regents voted 6-0 to hire the following individuals: Lacey Cheeseman as vocational nursing faculty member, Theressa Edwards as nursing faculty member, Nancy Hutton as nursing faculty member, Nena Kamman as English instructor for the Corinth campus and John Potwarka as a philosophy instructor.

The board also accepted the resignation of Rodney Garrett, associate dean of students. Gary Bush retired from a computer science faculty position.

Hadlock informed the board members he had attended the meeting in Austin Tuesday concerning the governor’s veto of the adjunct health benefits. He said all of the community colleges were represented as well as the Texas government and business and industry.

“I left the meeting cautiously optimistic (that the cuts will be restored). We have been in compliance with the legislature. They’re working down there to come up with a short term and a long term solution.

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