This week, members of the Medal of Honor Host City Board of Directors adopted a new logo for the Medal of Honor Host City Program. However, the logo will not be launched until the program’s 20th anniversary in 2021, board President Tommy Moore said.

According to Moore, a committee was assigned to research a new logo and they reported their recommendation to board members Monday, Aug. 5, during a meeting at the Gainesville Civic Center, 311 S. Weaver St. He said the logo can be trademarked, giving the program its own unique identity.

“We are very excited to unveil the new logo for the 20th anniversary of the Medal of Honor Host City Program,” Moore said.

The new logo was developed by The Richards Group, a Dallas branding and advertising agency, after they interviewed the board’s logo committee about what they wanted to be represented in the new graphic, Moore said.

“We wanted it to represent the six characteristics of the Medal of Honor (courage, sacrifice, patriotism, citizenship, integrity [and] commitment), be easily identifiable as representing the Medal of Honor Host City Program and be something we could trademark for our program,” Moore said in an email interview with the Register. “This new logo will be something we own and will become our official logo.”

He said the work done by The Richards Group was done pro bono so the nonprofit organization did not advertise for bids.

Carrollton-based On the Mark Strategies also submitted a proposal, but the committee preferred The Richards Group submission, according to Moore.

Following the committee’s recommendation, board members voted Monday to adopt the new logo and move forward with the trademark and licensing process.

The MOHHC board has a law firm providing free legal work for the new logo. All the nonprofit is paying for are the documentation fees, Moore said. Those are estimated to be $4,000.

He said there are two logos currently used for the program and they will remain as the MOHHC’s “classic logos” for anyone who wishes to display them.

The Medal of Honor Host City Program hosts recipients of the U.S. military’s highest honor in town each April. Gainesville is the only Medal of Honor Host City in the nation.