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If you thought the extreme winter temperatures last week were some of the coldest you’ve ever felt, you were right.

From Feb. 13-21, a co-op site five miles east of Gainesville recorded the lowest minimum temperatures since February 1988, according to David Bonnette, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

There were two days temperatures hit below zero, with the coldest day being Tuesday, Feb. 16, when the co-op site reported temperatures of 6 below, according to NWS data. The second-coldest temp reported was Wednesday, Feb. 17, when it hit 5 below zero.

The co-op site is the longest record-keeping location for the area, according to Bonnette. Gainesville Municipal Airport records only go back to 2009, he said.

Now, records have been kept for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport since Sept. 1, 1898, Bonnette said.

“There was a lot of records broken at DFW,” Bonnette said of last week’s storm.

At DFW, a record low temperature of 4 degrees was set Monday, Feb. 15, which broke the old record of 15 set in 1909. And, a record low of 2 degrees below zero was set Feb. 16 which broke the old record of 12 degrees set in 1903, according to information provided by the NWS.

On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, the record low temp of 9 degrees broke old records of 15 degrees set in 1905, 1909 and 1936.

Four inches of snow Feb. 14 also broke the old DFW record of three inches set in 1951, data showed. And, Feb. 14 broke records for lowest maximum temperature when it hit 22 degrees. Previously, the lowest temp on Feb. 14 at DFW was 27 which was set back in 1951.

In Gainesville, the first snow event, which was Feb. 14, measured two to three inches. The second event, Bonnette said, also measured about the same. That event, he said, was Feb. 16 and 17. All told, the two events totaled 4-6 inches across the region.

Area emergency officials said there were no reported deaths attributed to the bitter cold air. Cooke County Emergency Management Ray Fletcher said only one minor burn was reported related to the frigid blast because of a structure fire off I-35 near the 504 mile marker. He said the fire was caused by “overloading electric trying to stay warm.”

Will Queen Elsa make a triumphant return this season?

“The later we get into February, the less likely it gets,” Bonnette said. “It’s not likely we will get another round of significant winter weather.”

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