Of the 10 state constitutional amendments up for voter approval Tuesday, just one — Proposition 1 — faced local opposition.

Proposition 1, amending the constitution to permit elected municipal court judges to hold more than one office at the same time, received 1,525 votes in favor and 2,633 against from Cooke County voters. The proposition failed statewide with 65% of voters rejecting it, according to the state election results website showing unofficial tallies.

All others, particularly those prohibiting an income tax and allowing retiring law enforcement dogs to be adopted by their handlers, passed handily in Cooke County.

Proposition 2, related to funding for water and wastewater infrastructure projects, received 2,363 votes for and 1,740 votes against in Cooke County. The proposition received 66% support statewide.

Proposition 3, allowing temporary property tax exemptions for disaster-stricken areas, received 3,525 local votes in favor and 607 votes against. Statewide, it passed with 85% of the vote.

Proposition 4, prohibiting an income tax, received 3,734 votes in favor and 472 against in Cooke County. It passed statewide with 74% support.

Proposition 5, setting aside sales taxes from sporting goods to fund state parks and historic sites, received 3,652 local votes for and 518 against. It passed by a wide margin across the state, receiving 88% support.

Proposition 6, related to funding for cancer prevention and research, received 2,374 votes in favor and 1,722 opposed from Cooke County voters. Statewide it passed with 64% of the vote.

Proposition 7, allowing more funding for schools, received 2,796 votes in favor and 1,326 against locally. It received 74% support statewide.

Proposition 8, creating a flood infrastructure fund, received 2,816 local votes in favor and 1,309 opposed. Voters statewide approved it with 78% support.

Proposition 9, related to taxation of certain precious metals, was approved by Cooke County voters by a margin of 2,334 to 1,685. It passed statewide with just 52% support.

Proposition 10, allowing former handlers to adopt retired law enforcement animals, received the most support from Cooke County voters, garnering 3,945 votes in favor and 223 against. It also passed statewide with an overwhelming 94% of voters in support.

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