Several parents have been preparing this week for “A Night on the Nile” — Gainesville High School’s prom set for Saturday evening, May 18. About a dozen mothers and fathers have volunteered to build and paint pieces for the prom and decorate Gainesville Civic Center, said David Pouncil, whose daughter Deserae is a senior this year. “Having five kids, we try to be as involved as we can,” he said. He also expressed thanks to all the other parents working to transform the civic center into a place fit for a pharaoh.

The civic center will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to about 1 p.m. Saturday for those who wish to view the indoors decor. Pouncil said the parents will likely hold off setting up the outdoor entrance platform — consisting of a lighted pyramid frame, a ship’s facade and an Egyptian tomb entrance — until after Saturday’s forecast storms pass.

05-17 prom boswell.jpg

GHS prom coordinator Leisa Boswell drapes fabric over the humps of a camel figure as she and other volunteers decorate the civic center Thursday.