There were a few citations handed out, but overall, things were quiet during the Fourth of July holiday in Cooke County.

Cooke County Game Warden Stormy McCuistion said for the most part everyone was safe on Cooke County lakes.

However, there was one heat-related death at the Lake Ray Roberts marina Friday, July 3.

“It went OK here for us on Ray Roberts,” McCuistion said. “It was an older man that had cardiac arrest and he passed away Friday. Sunday, we had a water rescue on some kayakers and one of them had a heat stroke and Cooke County transported him from the Johnson Branch boat ramp. He is going to be just fine. They were trying to get some fluids in him.”

On July 4, there were two arrests for public intoxication and they were transferred to Denton County.

McCuistion said overall, game wardens at Cooke County lakes issued 15 total warning and six total citations.

“I think I wrote several citations and multiple warnings,” McCuistion said. “It was pretty uneventful which I thought was pretty outstanding. The heat and humidity made it hard on a person being out there.”

Concerns of drinking and operating a boat and the use of life jackets were quelled over the weekend, McCuistion said.

“Everyone on Ray Roberts was pretty much compliant,” McCuistion said. “We had zero drownings and zero boat accidents. Pretty much everybody we checked was in compliance. Everything went as planned for sure. We did have one drowning in Lake Grapevine. Everyone that I checked, I had no citations for PFDs [personal flotation devices]. It’s not against the law to not wear one, but you have to have enough for everybody on the boat.”

McCuistion, who has been a game warden for 15 years and for the past three years in Cooke County, said due to the timing of July 4, there wasn’t as much to worry about this year.

“With the Fourth falling on a Saturday, it doesn’t make for a long weekend,” McCuistion said. “If it falls on a weekday, then it makes for a long week. It really only lasted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that’s what kind of led to things being tolerable. It depends on what lake we’re on. If we’re on Ray Roberts, it’s more of a recreational family lake.

“That’s a good thing. To my knowledge, the guys up at Lake Texoma didn’t have any issues up there whatsoever.”

Also, Cooke County Fire Marshal Ray Fletcher said via text that there were no fire concerns.

“I got zero calls for fire over the weekend,” Fletcher said.

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