27 Redcoats qualify for state UIL solo-ensemble

State-qualifying soloists in the GHS Redcoat Band include, from left: front, Mauricio Millan, Eduardo Huerta, Emanuel Vargas, Desmond Pouncil, Micah Sharpe; back, Mason Lorne, Katelyn Fryberger, Cesar Barrios, Harmony Rutherford and Luis Avila.

Twenty-seven members of the Gainesville High School Redcoat Band are headed to the University Interscholastic League state solo and ensemble contest at the end of May.

On Feb. 1, band members competed in the UIL Region 2 solo and ensemble contest in Sanger. The high school entered 50 solo or ensemble performances and earned 63 medals, according to a Gainesville Independent School District press release. Ten soloists and five ensembles are going on to participate in the state competition May 30-June 1.

Students entered as a solo, an ensemble or both. To earn advancement to the state contest, the student had to perform by memory a Class 1 solo, which is college-level literature, and receive a first division rating.

State solo and ensemble qualifiers include: Mason Lorne, alto sax; Luis Avila, tenor sax; Emanuel Vargas, baritone sax; Cesar Barrios, trumpet; Harmony Rutherford, french horn; Eduardo Huerta, bass trombone; Mauricio Millan, tuba; Desmond Pouncil, Micah Sharpe and Katelyn Fryberger, keyboard percussion; a clarinet quartet made up of Ceci Corona, Melaina Denison, Abby Fierro and Anthony Solis; a brass quintet comprising Cesar Barios, Taryn Jones, Harmony Rutherford, Melody Rutherford and Mauricio Millan; a trumpet trio of Esmerelda Hernandez, Luis Garcia and Kaitlyn Wyatt; a trombone trio including Eduardo Huerta, Ramiro Huerta and Aedan Kemp; and a percussion ensemble of Mason Bean, Katelyn Fryberger, Brandon Graham, Jacob Morgan, Desmond Pouncil, Ariadna Ramos, Micah Sharpe, Zachary Tucker and Caleb Vega.

GHS’s other competitors were as follows.

Class 1 solo, first division, performed with the music: Ceci Corona, clarinet; Taryn Jones, trumpet; Aedan Kemp, trombone; Melody Rutherford, trombone; Ramiro Huerta, euphonium

Class 1 solo, second division: Katie Malavar, flute; Keller Neu, alto sax; Ariadna Ramos keyboard percussion

Class 2 solo, first division: Theresa Mote, flute; Rory Boss, flute; Devin Johnson, alto sax; Esmerelda Hernandez, trumpet; Christian Martinez, trombone; Allessandro Contreras, tuba; Mason Bean, keyboard percussion

Class 2 solo, second division: Jenifer Mejia, flute; Paola Rico, flute; Mirthsa Zimora, flute; Melaina Denison, clarinet; Anthony Solis, clarinet; Fernanda Aranda, alto sax; Kaitlyn Wyatt, trumpet

Class 3 solo, first division: Joseph Craven, french horn

Class 1 ensemble, second division: Flute trio of Katie Malavar, Theresa Mote, Paola Rico; and saxophone quartet of Louis Avila, Mason Lorne, Keller Neu, Emanuel Vargas

Class 3 ensemble, first division: trumpet trio 2 of Makayla Davis, Jesus Melchor, Alexa Nieves

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