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More than two dozen teens at the Gainesville State School have been charged after six days of unrest last November and other disturbances, the Houston Chronicle recently reported.

Citing documents obtained by the newspaper, the Chronicle reported at least 27 teens were charged in connection with 11 “outbursts and major disturbances” at the juvenile detention center.

Officials accuse more than two-thirds of those teens of involvement in five incidents on Nov. 30, 2018, one of “six days of chaos” in November and December that the Chronicle previously reported on. Six were charged in connection with events a couple of days later, too. Other charges stemmed from events at other times in October and November 2018 and March 2019, according to the report, published late last week.

Prison spokespeople didn’t comment on the arrests for the report.

Charges included false alarm and attempted escape, the Chronicle indicated.

After the riot last fall, the facility saw disturbances in February and March this year, including an instance where a set of keys went missing for up to two days, the Chronicle reported. In response to an oversight visit and report, officials at the juvenile prison said they’d developed a new policy for keys and rekeyed the dorms so one set of keys can’t open more than one dorm, according to documents the Chronicle cited.

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department facility off Farm-to-Market Road 678 made headlines in February after a previous Houston Chronicle report detailed gang conflicts and the six-day disruption last fall at the detention center. After its publication, a TJJD spokesman contested the report, arguing that calling the string of disturbances a “riot” was inaccurate.