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A rural county road’s speed limit will remain this same after members of the Cooke County Commissioners’ Court decided to take no action on an agenda item during their Monday, Aug. 12 meeting.

A public hearing took place Monday to hear comments on a proposal to reduce the speed limit to 45 mph on County Road 106 in Precinct 1. It was to be followed by a scheduled vote to reduce the limit, according to the meeting’s agenda.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Gary Hollowell told the Register on Tuesday, Aug. 13, that a single constituent asked him to look into reducing the speed limit.

He said he failed to realize CR 106 had already been posted at 35 mph before he had the item placed on the agenda and advertised it “in the paper.”

“Once I realized it was already posted we chose to take no action to increase it to 45 [mph],” Hollowell said. “We will add an additional 35 mph sign in the near future.”

The road, also known as Dexter Road, begins near Hickory Creek north of Walnut Bend and ends roughly 3 miles west of U.S. 377.