Second-graders from Chalmers Elementary School let out a few deafening roars to welcome the Flameouts, a team of very entertaining clowns, that visited them Thursday afternoon to teach them about fire safety and to observe National Fire Prevention Week.

The Flameouts are members of the Gainesville Fire-Rescue Team of the Gainesville Fire Department and throughout the week they visited students at Head Start Pre-School, St. Mary’s School, Edison Elementary School and Chalmers Elementary School to teach and entertain.

Clown emcee Bobby the Mullet Buchanan refereed between the student team and the Flameout team throughout the fire safety skit.

The Chalmers student team and the Flameouts team contested over who could answer the most safety and fire prevention questions correctly.

Five groups, made up on one student representing all the second-graders present and one clown from the Flameouts team took the stage.

Hezekiah Johnson of Mrs. Bonnie Slack’s class teamed up with Boots the clown.

Malique Hartshorn of Ms. Lindsey Graham’s class teamed up with the clown Hoser.

Skyler Tatum of Bonnie Slack’s class and Speedy (guitar) the clown.

Jose Cano of Mrs. Crystal Sikes class teamed up with Truckie.

Trinity Holman of Mrs. Serena Evins class and clown Wipeout took the stage to.

After each questions, the teams huddled to discuss and then give their answers

The questions focused on safety rules:

Stay low in smoke - The clowns demonstrated how to stay low in smoke by laying on the stage following the instruction of Bobby the Mullet Buchanan, to show the students how to stay low and then crawl out of the house to be safe.

Handles always in - Clowns and students demonstrated that for safety in the kitchen, always turn the pan handles in while cooking on the stove, so the pan cannot be knocked off if someone walks by or bumps into it.

Wear your helmet - Keep your head protected when out riding your bike. The clowns got the answer wrong by choosing not to wear a helmet to protect their head.

When student Skylar Tatum came out to show her answer for the student team she told the clowns, “You’re going down!”

At this point Bobby the Mullet Buchanan said to the Flameouts, “I predict you’re going to get skunked today.”

Wear your seatbelt - Bobby laid out the scenario, “You are getting in the car with your family to go to the store. Do you put your seat belt on or do you just say, ‘no, I’m just going to cruise?”

The student had the right answer, wear your seatbelt.

Say stranger danger - Question number five was if a stranger comes by in a car and wants to give you candy, do you go and get in the car or run away and yell “stranger danger.”

The clowns said they would get in the car. The students came up with the right and safe answer, to say “stranger danger.”

For a double jeopardy, Bobby asked, “What number do you call when you have an emergency?”

The students got it right - 911.

Chalmers second-graders again doubled their score by knowing that after they call the 911 operator, they need to tell the operator their name, address and what is wrong.

The final score was 20-0 with Chalmers second-graders winning over the Flameouts.

For the finale, the clowns brought the teachers up on stage with some students to dance with the students cheering them on. The students in the audience danced along with them.

Gainesville Fire Department Training and Education Division Chief Mike Murphree said this is the ninth year they have put on the show for the schools.

Gainesville Fire Department Training and Education Division Chief Mike Murphree said of the entertainment, “We combine this with print material, coloring books, giving them safety messages.”

“We come in and deliver the information through an entertaining format,” Murphree said.

Students are going through the educational activities book, “Let’s Hunt for Home Fire Hazards,” to learn more about safety and what to do in hazardous situations and choosing between safe behavior and unsafe behavior.

The Flameouts clowns were Brandon Prough as Boots, Janson Beuley as Speedy, Randy Prestage as Truckie, Chase Graves as Hoser, Alan Bryan as Wipe Out and Toby Reynolds as Bobby the Mullet Buchanan.

As part of National Fire Prevention Week, students throughout Cooke County drew pictures depicting fire safety for an annual contest. The winners will be announced Monday evening at the Gainesville Civic Center.

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