The local version of a popular PBS series is coming to Gainesville.

Renaissance Care Center is holding its own antique appraisal event from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 3 at the center at 1400 Blacks Hill Drive in Gainesville.

Although the Renaissance antique appraisal show is not affiliated with the PBS Antiques Roadshow, the event should be a lot of fun, said Renaissance Care Center Community Relations Coordinator Cindy Geray.

“This is the third antique appraisal we’ve done this year. We held the first one in March and another one in July. The events were so well-received we decided to do them quarterly,” Geray said.

Visitors can bring up to two items to be appraised, she said.

The appraisers are two professional women who know antiques and can deliver accurate assessments of each item’s value, she added.

“They bring along reference materials. They use magnifying glasses. They really look at the stuff people bring in, and they can tell you what it’s worth. I think they have as much fun as the participants,” she said.

Geray said she always brings at least one item to the appraisals.

“One time I brought an old jug I found in an abandoned house. It turned out that it was worth $500,” she said.

Another visitor brought an antique table that was one of a pair.

The first table wasn’t worth a fortune, but when the woman brought a second table she “found that it was valued at over $2,500,” Geray noted.

The appraisals can also force participants to face reality, she said.

“Sometimes the things people bring in that they thought were valuable turn out not to be valuable,” she said. “You just never know.”

Geray said the event is open to the public.

It is also, apparently, gaining popularity.

“At the first one we had in March, there were, I think, 20 to 30 people. At the next one in July, we had 50 to 75,” she said.

The appraisal event is also treat for the center’s residents.

“The residents love it. It fills up the building with visitors and it gives residents the chance to see the items people bring. Many times, those items spark memories for the residents. They see things and they say things like, “My mother used to have one of those.”” she said.

The events also creates community awareness for Renaissance.

“The center is in such as beautiful location. We love for people to come out and see it,” she said.

Geray said she encourages the public to give the event a try.

“Look around your house, and if you’ve got anything you aren’t sure about bring it in. You might even be able to retire,” she said, laughing.

Due to time constraints, appraisal participants should limit their items to two per person.

For more information on the Renaissance Care Center Antique Appraisal contact Geray at 665-5221 or 372-0094.

Renaissance Care Center is located at 1400 Blacks Hill Drive in Gainesville.

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