Texas Woman’s University has released its deans’ and chancellor’s lists for the fall 2019 semester.

The following students who achieved a 4.0 grade point average were named to both the chancellor’s list and the dean’s list:


Jennifer Avila, fashion design

Madyson Cassidy, criminal justice

Carlee Eldredge, criminal justice

Adria Flusche, music therapy

Austyn Gilbert, art

Karli Ledane, political science

Annaleah Meyer, sociology

Yadira Olvera, business administration

Payton Reynolds, kinesiology

Callie Storms, nursing

Melissa Trichanh, nutrition

Caitlin Turbeville, history

Melanie Zarate, child development

Surrounding towns

Kaylin Flowers, interdisciplinary studies, Collinsville

Dreanna McAdams, kinesiology, Collinsville

Kendrick McAdams, psychology, Collinsville

Collin Pagel, kinesiology, Muenster

Adrien Rohmer, general studies, Muenster

Karla Alejos, social work, Pilot Point

Olivia Distasio, child development, Pilot Point

Yesenia Giron, child development, Pilot Point

Daniel McLean, history, Tioga

Andrea Perez, nutrition, Tioga

Carolina Ramos, communication sciences, Valley View

Madeleine Acker, dance, Whitesboro

Dean’s list

Undergraduate full-time students achieving at least a 3.5 grade point average were eligible for the deans’ list. They included:


Madelyn Bean, interdisciplinary studies

Neeraj Chaudhary, computer science

Jacqueline Garcia, business administration/marketing

John King, music

MacKenzie Patrick, business administration

Amanda Pool, business administration

Sydney Taylor, communication sciences

Surrounding towns

Eranne Medford, kinesiology, Callisburg

Hayley Knabe, kinesiology, Era

Ashtyn Polk, interdisciplinary studies, Lindsay

Mary Grimes, business administration/marketing, Pilot Point

Avery Falls, nursing, Tioga

Alexis Garcia, psychology, Tioga

Jordan Kettle, general studies, Tioga

Danielle Bayer, interdisciplinary studies, Valley View

Brittnie Boliver, interdisciplinary studies, Valley View

Tania Cervantes, health informatics, Valley View

Jordan Cockrell, dental hygiene, Valley View

Shelbie Stephenson, political science, Valley View

Kylin Lemons, kinesiology, Whitesboro

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