As Cooke County United Way kicks off the public portion of its annual fundraising campaign Tuesday, Sept. 3, recipients of United Way funding in previous years say donations to the organization are crucial to keeping their efforts going.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Cooke County is a youth development facility that offers programs to young people in Cooke County to help them reach their full potential as productive adults, according to the organization’s social media page. As with any nonprofit agency, the Cooke County Boys and Girls Clubs relies on funding to continue to care for area youth.

BGCCC has been a United Way agency for several years. Received in quarterly installments, the United Way accounts for 8.5% of the organization’s $1 million operation, according to the club’s CEO, Josh Chapman.  

“United Way is a huge reason that we are able to serve the amount of kids in the community the way that we do,” Chapman said.

Funding from United Way is evidence-based, allowing the club to use the money how it sees fit and then showing United Way the outcome of those financial choices, according to Chapman.  

“United Way knows that their money is being given to good financial stewards and that what we do for these kids is a huge return on investment,” Chapman said.

According to Chapman, the funding is particularly helpful in general operations and programs for the kids, a cost that would otherwise be incurred by the parents. The programs at the club provide homework help, structured daily reading time, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education and promote healthy living with 60 minutes of movement each day. 

To learn more about the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cooke County, visit their website at or call 940-665-6527.

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