UPDATE 9:16 a.m.:

From city emergency management team spokeswoman Tamara Grimes-Sieger:

"As the pipes begin to thaw today and tomorrow, we anticipate more water leaks across the city.

While the City's water system is not back to normal, we are beyond the threat of a boil water notice.  We are not requesting the extreme conservation as we had during the critical stabilization of the system.

People may shower, wash clothes and dishes, for example."


The following update was posted by the city of Gainesville emergency management team at about 8:50 a.m.:

The City of Gainesville water system has improved significantly and is currently at 50 PSI with 70% water capacity in the storage tanks. Normal levels are usually 60-80 PSI.

When the temperature reach 28 degrees today, which is expected at approximately 11:00 am, we ask that you stop your faucets from dripping.

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