Wednesday 2/17 - Here's what you need to know for today. Check back for updates.

Gainesville residents asked not to use water until 3:30 p.m.

The city of Gainesville has asked residents and non-food businesses not to use any water until 3:30 p.m. today as the city fills up its storage tanks.

City officials are asking residents to turn off any dripping faucets, too.

The request is made in an attempt to avoid having to issue a boil water notice.

The full water use request is published separately on the Register's website.

Callisburg under boil notice

The city of Callisburg issued a boil notice this afternoon for its water customers. The full notice is published separately on the Register's website.

City urges water conservation

The city of Gainesville asks that all residents conserve water and avoid showers, baths, washing dishes and flushing toilets (unless necessary), according to information from the city of Gainesville Emergency Management.

Emergency management spokeswoman Tamara Grimes-Sieger said the water is still potable - no boil water notice has been issued - but the city is asking residents to conserve water.

Conserving water will allow the city's storage tanks to fill faster and bring pressure back to normal levels.

It is recommend that people continue to leave faucets dripping to a trickle to prevent frozen pipes which could cause pipe breaks. The city recommends that you place a pot in the sink to catch the dripping water for other uses.

Stores/food establishments open

Please note: This list is presented as a public service. It's not necessarily comprehensive and stores may close unexpectedly due to power loss or other issues. To add your business to the list, send a Facebook message to the Gainesville Daily Register.

Circle N Dairy

Christian Family Farms

Red River Stop

Tom Thumb while power lasts - TOM THUMB & the STARBUCKS inside open 8-5 today but are CASH and CREDIT CARD only. Debit reader is down. Pharmacy will open at 9:00 A.M. so that patients can come in and get any meds that have been filled already in will call. Pharmacy can loan on some maintenance meds if a patient brings in their own bottle (no way of printing a label right now). No ability to process refills or any new prescriptions at this time. 


Rohmer's Restaurant in Muenster open 11a-4p

Trails Inn

Atwoods - out of propane, heaters, kerosene, and other heating products. Out of cattle cubes, all they have is 13% and sweet feed. No coastal hay, have the green wrapped alfalfa. Plenty bird seed and dog food. Length of open hours TBD.

Mi Casa restaurant

Combs Coffee

The Orchard: Essentials for Living

Big Lots


Lowe's Market


Dollar Tree

McCoy's lumber and hardware store

Quik Trip (may not have fuel)


Smokehouse BBQ in Lindsay - evening hours TBD based on road conditions

Goodies on Board

Dieter Brothers restaurant in Lindsay


Reporting outages

If you're a PenTex customer, the co-op is asking you to call 940-759-2211 or use the mobile app to report outages longer than two hours.

Shelter available

Noah's Ark Animal Shelter, 2501 N. Weaver St. - emergency boarding for pets only, while space is available

North Central Texas College gymnasium, 1525 W. California St. - cots, emergency blankets, food and water provided; bring your own pillows/blankets, charging cables, toiletries if planning on staying long

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, entrance is on Jefferson Street between the church and Turner Apartments (look for the double red doors) - hot food provided

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