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AUSTIN  – Nanette Sissney of Whitesboro, the vice chair of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, has been nominated to serve on the Legislative Committee of the National Council on Teacher Retirement, the TRS announced this week.

NCTR is an independent association dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of U.S. public retirement systems. The Legislative Committee monitors federal legislation or initiatives on issues of importance to retired teachers. As appropriate, it also provides recommendations for action to the NCTR president.

Currently a school counselor for the Whitesboro Independent School District, Sissney has dedicated herself to improving public education in Texas, according to the release. She is a two-term TRS trustee appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott in November 2017 as the at-large representative. She was originally appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in 2009 in the active teachers’ position. In December 2019, the TRS Board of Trustees voted unanimously for her to serve as vice chair of the nine-member body.

Sissney has played an active role as a trustee throughout her tenure on the TRS board. In December 2019, she was appointed as Budget Committee chair, having previously served as the Benefits Committee chair since December 2017. She currently sits on the Audit, Compliance and Ethics, Benefits and Investment Management committees, the release indicated.

In July 2019, as a result of the legislative actions taken during the 86th Texas Legislature, the TRS board voted unanimously to authorize one-time supplemental payments to eligible annuitants. TRS began issuing the “13th Check” payments to qualifying retirees and beneficiaries in fall 2019.

“At a time when the retirement system has grown to more than 1.6 million members, Nanette continues to provide valuable leadership on our board and for our members,” TRS Executive Director Brian Guthrie said of Sissney. “I have no doubt she will use her knowledge to best serve our members as well as the NCTR.”

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas is the largest public retirement system in Texas, serving over 1.6 million people and overseeing an approximately $157 billion trust.

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