With the help of the Cooke County Sheriff’s Department, the North Central Texas College Police Department held an in-house training for its officers last Friday, using new equipment called StressVest.

StressVest is designed to give officers the most realistic training experience possible without actually putting anyone in harm’s way. Officers wear vests designed to deliver an electric shock when “shot” by a specialized weapon. It gives the wearer a sense of what it may feel like to be wounded, yet still have to complete their mission of stopping threats and saving lives.

Officers from all of NCTC’s campuses convened on the Gainesville campus for the training, according to a press release from the college.

“Unfortunately, the news media is reporting more and more critical, and often deadly incidents occurring in classroom settings,” Interim NCTC Police Chief Nicole Shaw said in the release. “Hiding our heads in the sand will not make this threat go away. The North Central Texas College Police Department is dedicated to student safety and success by giving our officers the best training we can to be prepared for these tough times.”

Shaw took over as interim chief of Police in July, following the resignation of former Chief Rufus Rodriguez. Shaw is a Master Peace Officer, Instructor, Crime Prevention Specialist, and has a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Shaw has over 17 years of law enforcement experience from the Allen, Little Elm, and NCTC police departments.

“By utilizing this training, our officers can get in a winning mindset before an incident happens,” added Shaw. “After all, the body cannot go where the mind has never been.”

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