The first presidential debate was the talk of social media before it even ended.

Republican President Donald Trump faced off with Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday, Sept. 29, for the first of three televised debates ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Cooke County Democratic Party Chairman John Angus said he was “stunned” while watching the debate unfold Tuesday evening.

“At age 74 I’ve seen many presidential debates and that was the least informative debate with the worst decorum that I’ve ever witnessed,” Angus said. “It was like two unruly children who had to be settled down by a frustrated parent.”

Cooke County Republican Party Chairman Chris McNamara said he doesn't believe the debate changed anyone's mind on who they were going to vote for.

“Neither candidate did an effective job of clearly defining their view of America for the next four years,” he said.

Angus said he didn't learn anything from either candidate's programs that he didn't already know, while saying Trump was in “bully mode.”

“[Former]Vice President Biden took the bait and fired back, especially when the president made it personal by going after the vice president’s son, misstating the reason for his leaving the military and stating theories which have already been discredited,” Angus said.

Angus did say that Biden cited some incorrect figures, as well. However, Angus said that was “more from trying to get a word in edgewise than not understanding the issue.”

McNamara said Trump demonstrated “his passion for our nation and the American people” throughout the debate.

“President Trump stands for economic success, the protection of life, affordable healthcare, lower taxes, securing the ballot box, protecting the Second Amendment and reining in government overreach,” McNamara said.

He continued to say that the American people have a choice to move forward with the policies that have been successful for all Americans “or to return to policies that devastated our nation, the very policies that President Trump was elected to fix.”

Angus said he just longs for the days when a presidential debate was based on each candidate's platform and the issues were discussed civilly.

“My overall impression is that this debate was a nullity as far as educating 'We the people' on what each party thought,” Angus said.

The second debate is slated for Oct. 15 and the third and final debate is set for Oct. 22.

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