PHOTO: Pet of the Week

Linnie is the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Pet of the Week! She is a beautiful girl that has a little bit of priss and sass. She will come right up to you so just walk in, have a seat, and let her come to you. She loves being petted and has an audible purr that will fill your ears as you are petting her to let you know she is enjoying the attention. Linnie will lean into you as you pet under her chin and she likes it when you rub lightly down her back. She does have old abscess wound that is healing on her back that is still a little sensitive, so a gentle touch is best. She will let you love on her for as long as she likes and will let you know when she is done. She does not like to be held but would make the perfect companion for someone who is wanting a cat that enjoys being loved on, just not all the time. She seems to do well with the other cats in the room but does to keep to herself more. To meet Linnie or one of her sheltermates, call 940-665-9800 to set up an appointment at the shelter at 2501 N. Weaver St. in Gainesville. Shelter hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Thursday or Sunday. Noah’s Ark pets are also online at or on Facebook @noahsarktexas.