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Speeding is a problem across southern Cooke County, but there doesn’t appear to be an easy fix to the problem.

Increased residential development in the last few years has brought more drivers to Precinct 2, as well as more houses.

“If I don’t get a call daily, I get a call every other day about speeding,” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Jason Snuggs, whose district include Valley View, Lake Kiowa and Ray Roberts Lake State Park. “… Part of me wants to go to a blanket speed limit, but I’m not saying I want to go to 35 mph.”

Setting the speed limit at 35 miles per hour is a possibility, but far from a certainty. Some of Snuggs’ constituents showed up to Monday’s county commissioners’ court to sound off on how low of a speed limit is needed for precinct roads.

Robert Hogan complained about drivers tearing past his house on County Road 278 doing “80 mph”, but he questioned whether or not a 35 miles per hour limit on the precinct’s roads is practical. He said police don’t have time to enforce that speed limit in a meaningful way.

Snuggs and the other commissioners discussed improved signage as a way to combat some of the problems, but Hogan was skeptical of that, too.

“You still have rednecks out there and they will take them down or shoot them with a shotgun,” said Hogan.

Steve Key, who used to represent Precinct 2 on the court, spoke up for a 35 mph speed limit, especially along County Road 215. said he’s replaced his mailbox “about four or times” this year because speeding drivers coming north off County Road 922 keep knocking it down. He suggested organizing some community cleanups of right-of-ways along the roads, in order to improve sight lines for drivers.

County Road 219 is another problem area. Snuggs said the road, which runs north and south near Lake Kiowa, is the second busiest in Precinct 2.

The commissioners voted to go ahead and set a 35 mph speed limit for County Road 285 and Bryant Road. Snuggs thanked Key and Hogan for speaking out and he promised to address County Road 219 and the others in future meetings.

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