Texas HHS Covid numbers 0906

Texas HHS Covid numbers 0906

COVID-19 is still making the rounds in Cooke County.

“This week was as bad as last week,” Ray Fletcher, Cooke County’s emergency management coordinator, told the Register late last week..

Fletcher said the local hospitals -- Muenster Memorial and North Texas Medical Center -- are seeing the same levels of infection and patients seeking treatment as they have since the beginning of August.

The state’s official COVID-19 dashboard reported 43 active cases in the county, as of late last week; however, those numbers may not be up-to-date.

Another 10 active and five probable coronavirus cases were added to the state’s numbers for Cooke County Monday morning. No deaths have been reported in the last week.

Gainesville Independent School District (GISD) reported 29 active cases just among students, along with 108 students in quarantine on Thursday. The bulk of those cases were attributed to Gainesville High School and Chalmers and Edison elementaries.

By Labor Day, the number of Gainesville students with active COVID-19 increased to 30, with another 122 quarantined.

All told, 14 GISD have recovered from the coronavirus.

“We are seeing more kids in local doctors’ offices,” Fletcher said, adding that some school district are seeing increases in cases and others “not at all.”

Numbers for the other Cooke County school districts were not readily available.

Positive test rates continue to climb as well, Fletcher said. Emergency workers are still dealing with the coronavirus, too.

“First responders are not exempt, either. They are getting infected at the same rate as everyone else,’ Fletcher added.

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