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Valley View City Secretary Lynn Hillis said November's sales tax allocation from the state is the highest she's ever seen.

“ … I looked and was shocked,” Hillis said of the $31,513.52 reimbursement the southern Cooke County community is set to receive from State Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s Office. 

The sales tax allocation is based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly and on sales made in July, August and September by quarterly filers, according to a press release from Hegar's office. 

Statistics show Valley View's sales tax reimbursement is up more than 119% compared to November 2019. Then, the city only received $14,336.46 from the state. 

Hillis said sales tax audits made up nearly $13,000 of the city's allocation this month. She said additional growth is from people purchasing items online.

Hillis said the city budgeted $185,000 in sales tax collections for the 2021 fiscal year.

The city's fiscal year begins Oct. 1. The state reports sales tax allocations on a calendar year basis.

However, Hillis did say the city is “slightly over budget” but since it's only the second month of the budget year it's too early to plan much. Sales tax go to the general operating expense of the city. 

Year-to-date, Valley View has received $207,227.63 in sales tax allocations from the state, which is up 31.26% from the same time frame last year when the city had already received $157,866.16, data shows.

With the holidays just around the corner, Hillis encourages people to shop local whenever possible.

“I hope everyone takes advantage of the many unique goods and services available in Valley View for the gift-giving season,” she said. 

According to the press release issued by Hegar’s office, he will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $890.5 million in local sales tax allocations for November, 4.8 percent more than in November 2019.

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