You know it’s fall in Texas when the calendar suddenly blows up.

Take this weekend’s calendar of events. It’s already full with Depot Day taking place downtown — make sure to check out the car show while you’re there! — followed by the Depot Day After Dark concert at the Gainesville Farmers Market. That’s what I call a full day of family fun.

But my husband? He’s been a warplane nerd since he was old enough to borrow picture books from the library. He’d probably coax me to the annual antique airplane fly-in at the Gainesville airport. I showed him the photo with Friday’s story about that event, and as soon as he looked at it, he asked me: Isn’t that a Cub?

Beats me, dude. That’s a foreign language … they all look like planes to me.

So he pulls out his beat-up old smartphone — I swear, I don’t know how it’s still running, because the back is in literally a thousand pieces and there’s a crack through both camera lenses. Anyway, he uses this phone to search the web for a picture to show me.

Sure enough, it was a Piper J3 Cub that he’d been able to ID at a glance.

He’s like that with cars, too — every car show, like the one this weekend during Depot Day, he can tell you the make and model of each car and probably guess the year within a fairly close range. And he’s not the only one. You get a bunch of car snobs together at shows like that and you’ll be hard pressed to rip them from deep conversation about … well, I don’t know what about. I don’t speak car.

How in the world does someone acquire an encyclopedic knowledge of cars and planes just for fun?

And that’s not even everything on the calendar. Not by a long shot.

Two Saturday events will commemorate Gainesville’s “Great Hanging” from the Civil War era. And “Noises Off” opened this weekend at Butterfield Stage Players. (That’s where my homies, the theater nerds, hang out.) And of course, there’s the Red River Showdown, or whatever they’re calling the rivalry game between University of Texas and Oklahoma University.

I feel exhausted just writing about all this. Chalk it up to choice paralysis.

Sarah Einselen is editor and general manager of the Gainesville Daily Register. Reach her at

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