Will Rogers was certainly right when he said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.” It seems like earlier this week was at a standstill because of record rainfall and now we are pushing the 100-degree mark daily and praying for rain. As we move through the heat of summer, please make sure you check on your neighbors, young and old, to make sure that they are staying cool and hydrated.

With the dry weather most of the active city projects are getting back on schedule. The Culberson Street project is looking great and we all look forward to its completion. The overlay project on O’Neal Street was delayed temporarily so that some adjustments could be made to the scope of work, to make sure that it was done right. That project has been recalibrated and is back on track.

We appreciate the patience of everyone who lives in the areas affected by construction and realize the inconvenience street repairs and replacements make in everyone’s daily travels. The new fire department building on Culberson Street is making great progress and will be a really nice addition to our safety community.

I still get several questions about the new farmers market construction. For clarity again, most of that project was funded with hotel/motel tax money. This money is relegated to be spent on entities and venues that help promote tourism. We continue to wait for the construction firm to complete the agreed upon punch list before we accept the final product. It is a shame that several of the trees planted have not survived the heat and there are a few areas that are supposed to be concreted that were left unfinished. The construction firm is going to replace all of the dead trees, make sure all repairs are made to the sprinkler system so that this doesn’t happen again and remove all weeds as they complete the areas that should have been concreted.

As our community brings new life to the farmers market, I am seeing great partnership from the city, the chamber and local merchants as they work in conjunction to schedule events and bring venues back to the market. I really appreciate all of the food truck vendors and the local merchants like Krootz Brewery, Saint Jo Pizza, Sweet Jane’s Bakeshop and others as they introduce their businesses and invest in the future of our community. We are committed to making the farmers market a great place to hang out with family and friends and a great place to do business.

If you are ever wondering about all things Gainesville, don’t forget to use our website, www.gainesville.tx.us. Everything you would ever want to see, from financial transparency and tax rates to current events, is on our site. It is really a very well orchestrated and informative site, which is not that common for municipalities. Last thing about this site, please register for the Code Red warning system on the fire department page. This is a free service that will notify you by text of any severe weather or emergency threats. Specific information is readily available on the website and I really encourage all to review and sign up.

As always, I am proud to serve as your mayor and am very excited to be part of the positive changes taking place in our great community. Thank you for what you do every day to help make our community better.

Gainesville Mayor Jim Goldsworthy has held public office since being elected to the city council in 2005 and has been mayor since 2011. He is a local insurance agent and has lived in Gainesville since 1991.

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