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The big day is here, and We at the Register hope you exercise your right to have a say in how Cooke County, the state of Texas and the United States of America are governed.

As we’ve stated many times, We at the Register don’t believe in telling you all how to vote, but we do think it’s important that you do vote. We dread to hear people complain about their government after they’ve passed up on the chance to decide how said government is made up.

After all, it’s a chance to pick Cooke County’s next Judge, as well as who will be Governor of Texas.

And don’t forget that the people of Era, Callisburg and the city of Gainesville get to vote on bonds for school improvements and a proposal to get BNSF to lay off its horn when moving through the heart of town.

The more of us who vote, the more our representatives will listen. It’s really that simple.

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