“I feel the girls played well for the most part and we did the best we could despite all of the injuries this season,” Coach Shane Zimmerman said. We also went into the tournament short handed, having only four players. Though we may have slipped in the rankings from last year, finishing in the top 20 nationally is still a great accomplishment.”

“I have a talented group of freshmen coming in next year and with my returning sophomores, we should be back in the top 10 nationally again,” Zimmerman said.

NCTC results

Flight number two Singles Quarterfinal Round:

Irene George (Collin County) defeated Manuella Viana (NCTC) 6-0, 6-1

Flight number three Singles Consolation Quarterfinals:

Heather Logan (Meridian C.C.) defeated Claire Papp (NCTC) 8-5 in a pro-set

Flight number two Doubles Consolation Semifinals:

Viana/Collins (NCTC) defeated Adams/Dubbeld (Grand Rapids CC) 8-5

Flight number two Doubles Consolation Final:

Bowman/Pendrack (Cowley County CC) defeated Viana/Collins (NCTC) 8-1

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