I recently received my 2022 Notice of Appraised Value. When I opened the envelope, my reaction was, to use a phrase by former President George W. Bush, shock and awe.

I own a modest home in Gainesville. According to the County Appraisal District, my home increased in value over 2021 by a whopping 28%. Ouch!

As one would, I called to speak with the Real Property Appraisal person responsible for my area of town. I will say he was very helpful and took as much time as needed to explain the appraisal process to me. It is quite a formula which I understood for the most part when we were talking and soon forgot thereafter.

One thing I do understand is the list of the many worthwhile Taxing Units listed on my appraisal statement, which benefit from the tax revenue.

They all seem to be worthy and beneficial to our community. Most of them I would not know how we could do without.

So I have resigned myself to writing a check when the amount comes due.

I believe we all need to support the services we receive. In our community, there are many.

I did agree with the appraisal person on one thing however, no-one likes to pay taxes.

Henry E Koehler


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