Perhaps there should be a study of the men who authored the draconian anti-abortion laws being floated today.

What are their relationships with their wives, mothers, daughters, female employees like? They are obviously relishing their punitive roles in bringing justice to fetuses whose well-being after birth is of no importance or consequence to them.

How do they feel about the fathers of the unborn child? Dare we suggest someone’s guilt-ridden reaction — formation to a past best-forgotten life incident?

Are they now ready to fully fund ECI? The most critical need-meeting agency for newborns to 3-year-olds is Early Childhood Intervention. Their funding had been cut by our past legislature to the extent that services for infants and toddlers in need had to be cut. Who could blame Joe Straus for wanting to end his role in attempting to deal with a legislative body led by a very political governor and a somewhat clueless second-in-command? Add to that, in the great Texas tradition of independence, an attorney general who is himself under indictment.

There is no more hardworking, dedicated group than child welfare workers, but they require more funding and support than given in the state that, in the 50 states’ ranking for child welfare, was number 50. It’s tragic but not surprising that Texas has almost 80,000 teens and children trafficked and more thousands homeless.

So let’s hear it from all those pro-life advocates who “value every child’s life.” The truth is obvious, the born are their burdens. All they require is a litmus test of the case of influencing voters who respond like Pavlov’s dog to hot-button issues, with no thought given the consequences of either their actions — or lack of them.

Carmen Karston, Gainesville