As a concerned taxpayer, I would like to bring this to your attention.

While viewing the July 27, 2020, agenda for the Gainesville Hospital District, I read that they would be discussing the budget workshop. As they discussed the budget, one of the members kept asking questions pertaining to why the budget numbers on the indigent care cost $300,000 per month, that is $3.6 million per year. I never understood the answer they gave him since I could not ask them to clarify.

When they got to the bond payments, Interest and sinking, and the maintenance and operations tax rate (taxes always gets my attention), this same member, another member and one other that sort of agreed with them said that it was a great idea to lower our hospital tax rate. The board member proposed the Gainesville Hospital District move $2 million from their general account and transfer $1 million to each of the taxing accounts; this would lower the taxpayer’s tax rate liability for the 2021 taxing year greatly.

One of the other board members questioned what would happen if we could not place the same amount in those accounts next year. What would the people say when they had a big jump in their 2022 tax rate? The answer is simple. What do you do when gasoline prices go down? Aren’t we all thankful for the break we got and hopeful that they will stay down?

So, let us be thankful for a tax break this year, and hopeful that North Texas Medical Center is profitable and the GHD board can place that same amount or something similar in those taxing accounts next year for us to have another year of tax relief. But, to do any of this, I encourage you to call every board member and ask them to vote for this tax break. Let them know how important it is and what the relief would mean to you.

Back in May, I put my name on the ballot to run for the GHD board. I believe I can help to make a difference and be a voice for you the taxpayer. Especially now, I am aware of the financial burden that COVID-19 and unemployment has brought to our district. The struggle is real. There are certain members of the board that take your tax dollars seriously; I would be one of them.

I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 3.

Eugene Mills, Whitesboro

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