As a graduate of Muenster Independent School District, along with our three children and now with some of our grandchildren attending Muenster ISD, I am excited to see Muenster’s school board and Superintendent Steven Self’s approval of the 313 agreement regarding EDP and the Wildcat Creek Wind Farm.

We all know schools ultimately run on money. The timing of this project would be important for Muenster ISD and the whole Cooke County area and all other local taxing entities. This project would help provide funding for our students now and in the future. This project would bring millions of tax dollars to Muenster ISD. The Wildcat Creek Wind Farm would also help local businesses during construction with the money spent in restaurants, hotels and motels, RV parks, rent houses, local contractors, parts stores, tire shops and many other businesses. Landowners with leases for the EDP turbines would also receive substantial income, much of which would no doubt be spent in the local area.  

If you look at the big picture, all this activity in our area for EDP’s Wildcat Creek Wind Farm would be an important addition to our neighborhood today and tomorrow.

Since the vote, I have visited with most of our Muenster school board members, but I have not had the chance to thank them all personally. Thank you Muenster ISD board members and Superintendent Self for leading the way to a bright future!

Leo Lutkenhaus, Muenster

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