It’s been brought to our attention that there is misinformation, once again, regarding our stance with Gainesville as the Medal of Honor Host City.

The Medal of Honor was created to honor Union soldiers during the Civil War who went above and beyond their call of duty against an enemy of the U.S., the Confederacy at the time.

Progressive Rights Organizers of Gainesville are proud to live in a patriotic community and the Medal of Honor Host City. Attending Gainesville High School, many of us were able to converse with and get to know Medal of Honor recipients personally.

We are all thankful that our generation has been able to grow up around this patriotism that came with being a Medal of Honor Host City.

From the beginning of our quest to promote racial equality and inclusion in our community, we were very aware of the hypocrisy associated with being such a patriotic town while simultaneously preserving Confederate culture in Gainesville.

We feel our city has made great strides in promoting the patriotic aspects of our community. We also feel that it would be a decision stemming from wisdom that the county begin to make similar strides to ensure that it reflects what we feel the majority would support.

We in no way want to jeopardize this title. Nor do we want to chance discomfort to true men of valor when they visit our community. PRO Gainesville stands. We will continue promoting inclusion in our community. We will also stand to ensure Gainesville strengthens as a community. We do, and will always, continue to value our Medal of Honor veterans.

Justin Thompson, Gainesville, on behalf of PRO Gainesville

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