A member of Joe Biden’s campaign wandered off of from the protection of the Democrat media: CNN and MSNBC and most others. On FOX News he was ask three times if Biden used a teleprompter during his speech and question and answer sessions. The guy refused to answer. I wonder why. Everyone who pays any attention knows the truth. He hesitates after each question so an answer can be typed. He asked them to move the writing up so he could read it. He has read the header instead of the answer, and once he was showing a picture and the teleprompter was reflected on the glass.

At one of his rallies a woman wanted to ask a question. She was not allowed to ask her own question but one supplied by the campaign: no hard questions allowed. If Biden wins how is this going to work? Is he going to run the government from his basement, especially if the coronavirus is still around? Does he take the teleprompter into meetings with world leaders so someone can tell him what to say?

If he is elected, the left will use the 25th Amendment to disqualify him and Kamala Harris, the senator who is to the left of Bernie Sanders, will be president. They know the far left would not be elected so Biden is that trojan horse. Biden has even adopted all of Bernie’s left-wing ideas but the Democrat media is hiding it as best as they can.

Larry Moudy, Valley View

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