An earthquake near Tulsa just after Trump departed? A message there?

Trump could almost be seen as more to be pitied than censured. Neither one elicits our trust.

One of the saddest things about him is his ongoing need to deny his own every flaw, projecting each one onto others. Every failure and setback will be blamed on someone else while he often claims credit for the achievement of someone else.

Lying is so much a part of his nature that a catalog of his lies would equal pages in the Old Testament, his photo op prop. There was the uninvited speech at West Point to a captive audience.

His need to reverse all things Obama are what resulted in his not making available supplies for the treatment of COVID-19 when he could have, for opposing the only logical and humane decision concerning DACA, for unleashing oil and gas companies on the environment.

His wasteful wall is taking money and resources from many causes more worthy and of use and value to Americans. History will record it as resulting from political vanity.

The more self-absorbed, the more irrational his extreme efforts to stay in office (he has not passed his physical exam), the more inevitable his days of judgment become.

Carmen Karston, Gainesville

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