It is just baffling to me that we can’t just hit pause for a moment. There are thousands of people all over the world in an outrage over wind turbines being located too close to their homes. There are countless studies showing that the sound, vibrations, shadow flicker and blinking lights are so annoying to people that they are suffering for years, or even leaving their homes. Yet despite this, the wind companies continue to push for more and more turbines. Why can’t we just stop for a minute and take our time researching a safe distance to locate these monstrosities from people’s homes? No matter what your position is in regards to this debate, I think everyone would agree that taking the time to determine an acceptable distance from people’s homes would stop all of this outcry. That way everyone would be happy. Several studies cite 2 kilometers, or 1.25 miles, as a proper distance, not EDP’s 1,500 feet. Outcry is growing so clearly 1,500 feet is too close. The level of deception on EDP’s part is unacceptable. Their claims of wind turbines not affecting people’s health are inaccurate, irresponsible, and misleading. One source they cite resulted in subsequent questioning in the Australian federal parliament and has been refuted by four credible sources. In a submission by Carl V. Phillips, PhD, to the Australian senate he writes, “The health effects that have been reported are serious and have important implications for people’s well-being. Attempts to dismiss these as ‘not real diseases’ are inappropriate and contrary to widely accepted definitions of disease and health.” In my opinion, these misleading statements are similar to a cigarette company citing a health study and creating a flyer claiming that cigarettes are fun to smoke. At the Era ISD board meeting on the subject, most questions directed toward EDP were about chapter 313 and the wind representatives stated that they weren’t 313 experts. Why wouldn’t a company bring a representative capable of answering questions about chapter 313 as it directly applies in the school’s decision making? Stop pulling the wool over people’s eyes. In the rush to make money the wind company is recklessly doing anything in their power to get turbines in the ground with complete disregard to the community it affects. People are not happy right now, yet the wind companies continue to push and push with complete disregard for the people living here. I think in the end, wind companies that made money on the backs of people’s livelihoods will be held accountable, and the landowners that chose money over their neighbors will have regret. But until then, our county commissioners should take action, voting down the tax abatement, and getting rid of the 43,000 acre reinvestment zone that allowed EDP to come here in the first place. It just makes sense. People are unhappy. Let’s take the time, fund the research and figure out what we need to do to fix it. Anything short of that is simply a clear statement that landowners who have signed leases, entities voting for the abatement and wind turbine companies believe that our community and our families’ well being is simply not as valuable as money in their pocket.

Meredith Ellis, Rosston

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