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When traveling in Jacksonville we may often see, or hear, the Union Pacific Railroad traversing our community. Our community is located here because of the railroads that first came through here in 1872. While we don’t have the space to display a complete railroad engine, we do have the first thing everyone would see as the train came into town, or looked into a tunnel as it was coming through, the engine’s headlight. The museum’s headlight was manufactured by the Pyle National Headlamp Company. The brass label affixed to the headlight has a Design Patent date of May, 1909. Since there is no Mechanical Patent that was listed on later models, and since the first unit of this design was not installed until 1913, we believe our head lamp is among the first produced.

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Gas prices jumped across the state over the past week with the statewide average now sitting at $2.12 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch.