New Lindsay Volleyball Coach Bridget Anderle

LINDSAY — Bridget Anderle is tired of traveling. To get to her job as a high school teacher and volleyball coach she has driven between 20 and 50 miles, one way.

Anderle coached in Callisburg (20 miles from her home), Krum (43) and Aubrey (50).

The irony of this situation is the fact that during this time, she has lived two miles from Lindsay High School.

As the new Lady Knights’ volleyball coach, she will have to drive to work two weeks to equal the previous shortest drive to work.

“It is wonderful,” Anderle said at the “Meet the Knights” day Aug. 11 at Henry B. Schroeder Knights field.

Anderle takes over a program that is in its second year and she looks for good things to happen in the future.

She said the coaches that had the program last year, Don Neu and Robin Hess, did a great job getting the program started.

“The players still have some things to learn,” she said, “but they are moving in right direction.”

Anderle said the team has had two good scrimmages. “I saw a lot of improvement from the first one to the second one,” she said.

“We scrimmaged Callisburg Friday and played well,” she said. “We jumped ahead 5-0 in the first game. They came back to beat us, but we did some good things.”

In the second scrimmage on Saturday, before the “Meet the Knights” day, the Lady Knights traveled to Nocona. “We scrimmaged Nocona and Bowie,” she said. “If we would have kept score, I know we would have lost. But, we really came a long way from that first scrimmage.”

As far as the nuances of the game, Anderle said the players are better at some things than others. “When the go up for a kill or block,” she said, “they do it very well. They get that, it’s like going up for a rebound in basketball.” The Lady Knights won one of the two Class A state titles in basketball last year, so the players are very familiar with that part of the game.

“Passing the ball and service receive,” Anderle said, “are not normal things to do. They are hard moves to make. When they try to do that, you can see the inexperience.”

As far as how the team is doing as a whole, Anderle said the defense is way ahead of the offense. “But, the athletic ability is there. They just need the work.”

Anderle said she wants to continue to build a team that will sacrifice, be tough and talk to each other on the court. In volleyball communication and being in the right place is very important, Anderle said.

Lindsay Athletic Director Cody Bounds said he is very glad to have Anderle on his staff.

“I have been trying to get her on the staff since I got here,” Bounds said recently. “I finally made it work.

“The money she will have on gas alone will be a big help.”

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