Lexi Woolsey

Callisburg sophomore Lexi Woolsey is introduced prior to a Callisburg playoff match.

District 10-2A


Most Valuable Player

Abby Hellman

Libero of the Year

Madison Reiter

Co-Setter of the Year

Cooper Hartman

Co-Newcomer of the Year

Emily Metzler

Coaching Staff of the Year


1st Team

Tatum Fleitman, Audrey Colwell

2nd Team

Mia Hunt, Jasmine Lewis

Honorable Mention

Sydney Fleitman, Kyla Metzler, and Cassidy Tackett

Academic All-District

Madison Reiter, Tatum Fleitman, Corinn Schully, Audrey Colwell, Abby Hellman, Cooper Hartman, Kortnie Reiter, Cassidy Tackett, Mia Hunt, Emily Metzler, Lexi Martin, Sydney Fleitman

District 16-2A


Defensive Player of the Year

Rosalynde Cordero

1st team

Addisyn McDonnell, Abby Martin

2nd team

Devyn Elvington

Honorable mention

Shelby Derzapf, Haidyn Bryson, Isabella Hall

Academic All-District

Tessa Vannoy, Haidyn Bryson, Shelby Derzapf, Devyn Elvington, Addisyn McDonnell, Audrey Miller, Isabella Hall, Audrey Light, Abby Martin, Rosalynde Cordero, Mekenzie Morely

District 10-3A

Callisburg, Whitesboro, Valley View

Defensive Player of the Year

Lexi Woolsey, Callisburg

1st Team

Callisburg: Ashtyn Huddleston, Abby Pollard

Whitesboro: Libby Langford, Jenna King

2nd Team

Callisburg: Laura Hernandez, Logan Noller

Whitesboro: Abby Robinson

Valley View: Andee Renfrow

Honorable Mention

Callisburg: Claire Lewis

Whitesboro: Maddy Cole, Addisen McBride, Lindsay Hermes

Valley View: Carson Dugger, Faith Foster, Alex Murray

Academic All-District

Callisburg: Libby Ballard, Peyton Eiland, Laura Hernandez, Ashtyn Huddleston, Claire Lewis, Logan Noller, Abby Pollard, Jaydyn Schneider, Nicole Wilson, Lexi Woolsey

Whitesboro: Libby Langford, Megan Worstell, Jenna King, Olivia Scoggins, Karley Wolf, Esmerelda Sanchez, Abby Robinson, Maddy Cole, Addisen McBride, Isabel Gabbert, Lindsay Hermes

Valley View: Carson Dugger, Logan Roane, Adleigh Boaz

District 9-4A


Co-Server of the Year

Makenna Lewis

1st Team

Yezmine Peralta

2nd Team

Aaliyah Henry

Honorable Mention

Natalie Gutierrez, Olivia Neelley, Sydney Giles, Landrie Polk


Sacred Heart

1st Team

Isabella Walterscheid

2nd Team

Emily Flusche, Carla Ochoa

Honorable mention

Claire Nasche, Trinity Hess

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