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Collinsville is set to play in its first regional semifinal football game since 2013, but the Pirates aren’t satisfied.

Collinsville will face Windthorst at 1 p.m. Friday in Springtown.

No. 7 Collinsville (11-1) has won eight-straight games as part of a breakout, district championship season.

Windthorst (8-4) is seeking its third-straight regional final appearance. The Trojans won the state championship in 2020 but lost in the fourth round last season.

Collinsville coach Garrett Patterson said reaching the regional final would be a great accomplishment, but he wouldn’t make a big deal over it.

“It’s something that you strive for and want to get to, but at the same time, it’s not the end goal,” Patterson said. “It’s just another steppingstone for us, and that’s really what we’re trying to get to, is the next step. And then, the next week will be the next step, and then the next one until you either win it or get knocked out.”

The Pirates have had a tremendous season, winning an outright district championship with a high-octane offense. Windthorst earned the No. 1 seed from its district but had to split the district title three ways with Archer City and Seymour. Still, the Trojans are accustomed to deep playoff runs.

This Collinsville football season has many similarities to the Pirates’ baseball season this past spring. Both teams missed the playoffs in 2021 but broke out to win district championships and make each program’s deepest playoff run in years.

Just like in baseball, Collinsville’s football team finds itself facing Windthorst in the third round, a traditional power. After beating the Trojans in the spring, Collinsville baseball coach Derrick Jenkins said the Pirates needed to beat a program like that to prove they belonged among the region’s best.

Patterson said he feels the same way in football, even though the Pirates already beat Santo and Muenster.

“It’s just the next part of what we’re going to do is try to go out there and beat another established program,” Patterson said. “You look at the teams that are left, … you’re just to that point where you’re playing some really, really good, traditional football programs. If you want to be one, you gotta play with them.”

Windthorst has much more experience in the football playoffs, but Patterson said he doesn’t make much of it. All the Pirates can do is play to the best of their ability against a good team.

Baseball and football are different sports, and only a few of the football players were on the baseball team in the spring. Still, some of those players said in August their great season in baseball taught them how to win. Patterson said it has made a clear difference.

“There’s been several times, especially last year, in games where we were in the same situations we were this year,” Patterson said. “It’s just, we handed it way different this year than we would have last year. Last year, if stuff went wrong, we freaked out. This year, if stuff goes wrong, it’s not a big deal. We just keep playing and make the adjustment and end up winning the ball game.”

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