Laney Haley

Laney Haley, junior, readies an attack in Sacred Heart's match against Texoma Christian. The Tigerettes fell 3-1.

Tuesday night’s thunderstorm knocked the lights out three times before the visitors knocked out Sacred Heart.

The Tigerettes volleyball team fell 3-1 to Sherman Texoma Christian after three separate delays. The Lady Eagles won 26-24, 20-25, 25-17 and 25-11.

Harrington said the stoppages had a major impact on the match.

“I think not only did it stop the momentum, but it also just delayed everything,” Harrington said. “Everybody started getting real hungry. You can play through that when you’re constantly playing, but when you have to stop and sit around for 10, 15 minutes, people started feeling things they’re not normally used to feeling.”

Each power outage was momentary, but the lights inside the Sacred Heart gym take time to power back up. Each time the lights went out, it took around 12 to 13 minutes before play could resume.

The first outage came immediately after Texoma called a timeout with the Tigerettes trailing 17-16 in the first set. When play resumed, they scored the next four points, forcing a second Texoma timeout in the process.

Sacred Heart had set point at 24-22, but the Lady Eagles scored four-straight points to take the set.

Harrington said not closing out the first was a missed opportunity.

“They just lost a little focus on serve receive,” Harrington said. “Texoma had a couple of good servers. They were able to exploit our girls not really communicating and focusing on serve receive. So, I think that’s what cost us that game.”

Sacred Heart responded well to the close loss. After Texoma scored the first two points in the second, the Tigerettes scored 12 of the next 14. After pushing their lead to 15-6, the lights went out again.

The Lady Eagles played much better after the second stoppage. A 19-9 Sacred Heart lead eventually shrank to 24-20, but Sacred Heart survived the surge and took the set.

Harrington said the Tigerettes played with a different attitude in the second set.

“They were happy,” Harrington said. “They were focused, playing with joy. When they do that, they’re one of the top teams around. Still, it’s a little easy to knock them off that pedestal.”

Texoma won the third set, after which the lights went out for the third and final time. When the fourth set finally happened, the Lady Eagles dominated, at one point scoring 11-straight en route to winning the match.

Despite the loss, Harrington said some of Sacred Heart’s defensive players played particularly well.

“I think Carla Ochoa, her defense was great, especially the first three games,” Harrington said. “I have to shout out to the setters that came in. They haven’t really been doing that very much. They haven’t played much because… our other setter is injured. So, I think they did well. Isabella Walterscheid, she had a really good defensive game, as well.”

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