For most, there comes a Friday night when the applause ends, when the stadium lights dim and the heroics of our brief athletic careers become the fodder of memory.

While few will stride the field or the courts professionally, all will be called upon to exercise the gifts given them in the classroom: the ability to reason, the creativity to envision, the patience to win.

Independently, academics and athletics are difficult to navigate. To those who have excelled in both, we say congratulations. You are among the best.

The Cooke County Bar Association recently announced its 2006 Academic All Star Team.

Team members from Callisburg are Justin Banks, Elisha Hooper, Katie Lemons, Laci Miller, Mary Starnes and Ashlee Taylor.

From Era, Luke Webber, Cody Huddleston, Amber Krahl, Holly Graves and Kelly Schumacher made the grade.

From Howe, Kirstin Foster, Katie Wildman, Jenny Lowder and Amber Dobbins were chosen.

Lindsay students Brittany Anderle, Travis Endres, Levi Hermes, Amanda Hess, Kaileigh Hess, Autumn Murrill, Karissa Reiter and Brian Sandmann were picked.

Melissa students Kaleb Kaetterhenry, Cody Rose, Jordan Davis and Sarah Thomas were chosen.

Sacred Heart athletes chosen were Stephanie Krawietz and Taylor Torcellini.

Slidell’s Kriston Wilson was selected as were Valley View athletes, Jon Anding, Meredith Pierce, Hillary Terry and Natalie Zimmerer.

Annually, each school participating in the Holiday Classic is contacted via mail to secure the names of senior boys and girls who have maintained four year high school averages of 90.0 or above.

The names of each nominee are verified by the schools a second time prior to The Classic.

Each student nominated to the Academic All Star Team will be presented a plaque commenerating their efforts on Friday night courtesy of the Cooke County Bar Association.

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