Valley View

The Valley View Eagles had a disastrous beginning to their matchup against Muenster on Friday, Sept. 25.

They fumbled on their first play of the game, leading to a quick Hornets’ touchdown and then threw a pick-6 on their next possession to instantly fall behind 16-0.

Those errors proved critical as the Eagles 46-0 to drop to 0-4 on the season and head coach Curtis King said his team had a hard time recovering mentally after the horrible start.

“It could not have started worse,” King said. “It just tore them. They mentally shut down after that. You could tell on both sides of the ball. They had a decision to play with some heart or not play with some heart and it was very frustrating because I thought we were evenly matched, but I thought we were right there and we should have played better.”

Defensively, King said there weren’t very many positives to build off and offensively, the Eagles couldn’t ever put together a complete drive.

“We moved the ball a few plays and we had a good drive and we took the ball down to the 2-yard line, but we fumbled,” King said. “We had four turnovers and those were huge. We’re not good enough to turn the ball over. When we do, it’s like injuring yourself.”

While the defense has struggled through the first four weeks of the season, King said both sides of the ball had a tough game.

“It’s the same kids playing offense and defense, so if they don’t play with much heart, it affects both sides of the ball,” King said.

This game was especially frustrating for King and the Eagles because they had finally recovered a few of their injured players and he felt as if they were well prepared.

“I thought we were tougher than we are and our guys just deflate and we’ve got to be able to overcome that,” King said. “We talk about it every day. It’s next man up and that’s their opportunity to take their position if someone goes down. We haven’t figured that out yet. It’s been a huge issue and it’s more of an issue with kids that don’t have that experience. It’s hard to get that mentality until you’ve lived it.”

The Hornets ran the ball effectively against the Eagles’ defense, but more than that, King said he could tell how well-coached Muenster is.

“They had a pretty simple game plan and they didn’t do anything we didn’t expect them to do and they stuck to their game plan,” King said.

The Eagles will face undefeated Wellington at Wichita Falls City View on Friday, Oct. 2, to close out their non-district slate.

King said they have no choice but to turn the page from their losses.

“I’ve said all along that these first five games don’t count and that it’s the last five that count,” King said. “We’re trying to get some kids healthy by the first district game and if they come back it will make a huge difference. We’re hoping the experience the younger kids are gaining will help us by the end of the year.”

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